Hans Baumgaertner

Hans broke into the media arts scene fully in 2006 after realizing that he was having more fun doing media work than the non-visual mathematics degree he was attaining. Because of his extensive math background, Hans views everything from a slightly less theoretical standpoint, but from an extremely technical and mechanical stance with extreme attention to detail.

Hans’s background in media started as a hobby in 2001 by dabbling into stop motion animation and blue screen effects. Shortly following this, website making came into play. By 2004, Hans built his first computer which would be used to experiment with 3D Studio Max. Without a strong 3D background, carrying out normal tasks while learning only from books proved to be quite difficult and frustrating. It wasn’t until 2006 when he finally received instruction at the university level learning Autodesk Maya that all the blanks were filled in from his self-taught days.

Hans has worked on various high level government architectural projects taking place at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Computational Research. Projects include The University at Buffalo Virtual Tours and UB 2020 planning, Kodak, Xerox, University of Rochester, Bergman Associates, Buffalo Outer Harbor Revitalization Project, and the Broward County, Florida Highway Revitalization Project.

In 2010, Hans joined the ranks of Adjunct Instructors at the University at Buffalo North Campus. He has since been an instructor educating students on the skills necessary for realtime 3D modeling using Autodesk Maya and Unity3d.

Currently, Hans graduated in 2012 with a Master of Arts from the The State University of New York (UB). He enjoys vertex pushing in Autodesk Maya, brushing detail in ZBrush, pixel pushing in Adobe Photoshop, hacking and slashing in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, dabbling into web design (CMS systems), and Augmented Reality (AR) experimentation.

Hans tries to make his whereabouts scarce online, but you can easily reach him on the contact page from this website.