Homework 11 – Pseudo Midterm

  • Pick any room NOT in the CFA
  • Model the walls of the room completely while taking into account any window and door placement. Extrude in the walls and doors as needed.
  • Create tileable textures from the room’s floor, ceiling, and walls as needed; create specular and normal maps in CrazyBump for each texture.
  • Use the steps we learned today in class on how to properly distribute the UVs – this stuff helps!
  • Model and texture one object that resides in the room and place it where you want.
  • Take several pictures of your room with camera shots from the inside of your Maya scene. Post to your blog.
  • Additionally, include an actual real picture of what your room looks like on your blog. I have been on an honor system, but a student last summer attempted to make up a room that wasn’t real and I caught her…

Due: Monday, February 27, 2012

Posted in Spring 2012 – DMS316: 3D Modeling for Games