Homework 12

  • If you have not finished your room, finish it up and/or make corrections as discussed in class. For the one the couple people who owe me back homeworks (I know who you are), ensure that you catch up and complete them as once we start the final project in the next week or so, you will be applying what you have learned so far. I will be less enthusiastic about late submissions during that time as it should have already been done.
  • Take 3 semi-transparent bottles (coke, pepsi, wine, beer, etc) and using the alpha transparency channel techniques discussed in class, model and texture the bottle so it looks as true to real life as possible.
  • For bonus points, carefully remove the logo/label from the bottle and scan it into your computer using a scanner. Scanners can be found for free in Lockwood and Capen libraries.
  • Add a specular map to the bottle of a solid greyscale shade for an even shine.
  • Additionally, sketch a concept sci-fi ship using elements from whatever sources you want making sure not to make a direct copy. The object is to create something yourself, not copy something.
  • Post screenshots of your  bottles to your blog.

Due: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Posted in Spring 2012 – DMS316: 3D Modeling for Games