Homework 13

Lets bake some shadows!

  • Take your room that you made last week along with the model or models you have placed inside of your room and bake some shadows using the steps shown in class with Turtle.
  • If you wish to add or make more objects for your room, you may do that also (optional).
  • Depending on how many objects or the size of your walls in the room, it might be better to do 2 or more groups of objects for separate texture bakes. IE: room_occ.tga, room_occ2.tga, etc. You then link up these different baked textures to each shader denoted to each mesh that belongs to the particular baked texture. If you are confused or unsure of doing multiple bakes for groups, just do one for everything.
  • Take screenshots and post to your blog with “no lights” mode turned on plus with the High Quality mode enabled and a point light in your scene.

Due: Monday, October 18th, 2010.

Posted in Fall 2010 - DMS231: 3D Modeling