Homework 15

  • Using the steps we covered in class today, surface transfer bake an albedo and occlusion map using Turtle.
  • Post a few screenshots to your blog.

Project Preparation:

  • Individually, pick theme (place in history)
  • Research buildings, objects or other groupings of objects which make up the scene
  • Make sketches of the layout – how would you lay out the objects you discovered through research?
  • Find reference photos or sketches
  • Come up with an asset list – a small list won’t cut it; put some time into a comprehensive list
Due: Monday, March 19th, 2012

Project Teams:

Team 1:
Craig McGowan – team leader
Lee Auslander
Kyle Cocina
Gregory Briem

Team 2:
David Magoss – team leader
Peter Nguyen
Xi Chen
Paul Theberge

Team 3:
Nicholas Schieder – team leader
Mark Essenburg
Anh Thanh Le
Nao Sakamoto

Team 4:
Jeffrey Basden – team leader
James Smith
Nicholas Leonard
Micky Hom

Suicidal Sims:
Daniel Prescott – team leader
Mike Battaglia
Jason Lamanna
Jessica Hamilton

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