Homework 15

Build your bulidng fronts:

  • Build the 2 building fronts with the appropriate geometry and textures created (full shader network, aka, diffuse, normal, spec).
  • Texture bake the buidling fronts with a textured ground plane (can be concrete or blacktop created yourself). You can use more than one occlusion texture for any number of objects grouped together.
  • Either tile textures or take complete front on photos of the building in sections for the best texture layout.

Due: Monday, October 25th, 2010.

If you have not been getting past homeworks done, get them done. I am super serious this time otherwise I will give a definate date that everything has to be done otherwise you will get 0’s on ALL homeworks not completed properly. This is 40% of the your grade and is a significant portion.

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