Homework 17

  • Locate a facade either on campus or in the area.
  • You are to model and texture the facade utilizing the skills acquired this semester.
  • Create your own color, normal, and spec maps using your own photos.
  • In your blog post, also include a picture of the actual facade.

Final Project Stuff:

  • Finalize the asset list for the scene you are working on and divide up the objects proportionally amongst the group.
  • Each member of the team, using their own list, is to research as much about the objects as possible within the context of the period. Gather reference photos, approximate dimensions, and start working on seeking out images to be used as textures for the objects.
  • Take this time to work out all the planning in advance as it will easily make light the actual assembly part of the final project.
  • As these steps are for the final project, the assignments are due, no excuses, each class. Falling behind will only result in an increased work load toward the last days of class. Keep in mind the final project is 50% of your final grade.

Due: Monday, March 26, 2012

Posted in Spring 2012 – DMS316: 3D Modeling for Games