Homework 2

  1. Make a concrete tilable texture tileable both vertical and horizontal in Photoshop. Use powers of 2 for size and save as a targa.
  2. Extra practice, get Crazybump (google it) and create the normal and spec maps within the software.
  3. Extra extra practice, create the shader network in Maya using your 3 texture maps.


  • For your blog: post a jpg (jpeg) copy of your concrete texture as well (if applicable) a screenshot of your finished Maya scene. Also post jpg copies of your normal and spec map.
  • For class: bring in your Maya project directory (if applicable).
  • If you haven’t posted your screenshot of the modeling you did last night, please do so by tomorrow.


Due: Beginning of class June 30th, 2010.

Posted in Summer 2010 - DMS219: 3D Modeling