Homework 3

Super sweet space ship homework: (yeah, probably the coolest assignment title ever!)

List of things to do/turn in:

  • Sketch a design for an original of 90% original spaceship from your own imagination. Sketch a few different views (front, top, side, etc) that will help you to model it on your own.
  • Using the box modeling skills you have learned thus far, model the ship making sure to use clean geometry (no zero-length faces, skewed geometry, holes, non-merged verticies (multiple meshes are ok for that matter), etc etc).
  • Model the ship using between 600-1000 polygons making sure to distribute your detail evenly and not wasting your detail on cylinders. Yes, I will be watching for that ;)
  • Once completed, take several screenshots of your model from various angles in shaded mode. Then take a couple others in Wireframe on Shaded (that option is just below where you enable shaded mode).
  • Post these screenshots to your blog.
  • Bring to class your complete project directory (not the default directory) with your scenes saved in the scenes folder and your name in the title of your project.
  • Bring your sketch book to class on Monday so I can see how you thought of your ship on paper before modeling.

Due: Sept 13th, 2010.

If you did not post your previous homework to your blog or completed it, please do so.

Have fun and be creative on this assignment.

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