Homework 4 – Weekend Project

Making a room:

  • Model one room anywhere (house, apartment, etc).
  • Texture the room using proper UV techniques learned during the lecture and using your own photos, texture everything.
  • Make at least 3 simple objects in your room (chair/table/etc). For these textures, it is ok to use solid colors in photoshop (doesn’t have to be a complete duplicate of the original object). No photo textures are required, but you can use them if you wish for practice.

Skills demonstrated (what I will be looking for in your finished project):

  • Proficiency in UV’ing a multi-surface mesh
  • Managing multiple meshes
  • Tiling textures taken from photographs (photo editing)
  • Texture layout and optimization
  • Having no seams or other blemishes in your tileable textures textures; make me work hard to find the original source tile!
  • !!! Bring along your SOURCE photos that you took. I’d like to seem them !!!
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