Homework 5

Model the items sketched in Homework 4. If your items have cables or other cords connecting the items, you do not need to model them. The entirety of your scene should not exceed 10K polygons, but should stay around 5K or less.

Things to check:

  • Grouping in the outliner
  • Normal direction
  • Polygon flickering (faces too close together from multiple meshes)
  • Non-planar faces (skewed faces)

Once you have completed your modeling, take screenshots of your models in shaded mode and then wireframe on shaded. Please do not take screenshots in wireframe. Post several screenshots from different angles to your blog and bring in your complete project directory by Monday September 20th, 2010 in class.

Have a nice weekend and happy modeling!

Posted in Fall 2010 - DMS231: 3D Modeling