Homework 7

  • Do corrections on Homework 6 (your room) per discussions in class today (6/14/11).
  • Clean up your project directory or, in some cases, create one for that homework. Take the project directory and check to make sure your textures are linked correctly by opening it on another computer from a USB drive or other means. Make sure to set maya to use that project directory to ensure that all textures will be loaded.
  • Turn in your project directory. You will be graded on completeness and correctness of the directory in addition to following through with the corrections listed above.
  • If you owe past homework and corrections, please ensure that you turn them in. I’ve been quite patient thus far.
  • Select a building fascade (front entrance with additional floors above) to model and texture. Do some foot work and take reference photos. To get ahead, start working on making textures or even roughing out basic geometry.
  • Post a few reference photos of the building you wish to do on your blog.

Everything above due: Thursday, June 14th, 2011


Note: If anyone needs to fufil an art class requirement for their Gen Eds or would like to take a class in the Art History department, a friend of mine is teaching a realtively easy class next semester that would take care of that requirement. The class is AHI-102. I know the instructor personally and she is very nice and teaches a good class with interesting non-head-bashingly difficult material :)

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