Homework 7 – Preparing for the Final

Objectives to be accomplished this weekend for MONDAY:

  1. Pick a historical building from history to model for your final project.
  2. Find blueprints or diagrams to find out exactly how large/small the structure is. Save these blueprints.
  3. If the building is still standing, see if you can get some aerial photos using either Google or Bing Maps from all sides plus a top down shot. Screen capture your browser window to save for later.
  4. Look for reference photos online as well as detailed pictures to be used for textures. If your historical building is local to this area, you may take your own pictures to be used as textures. If not many pictures exist for the building of your choice, it is strongly encouraged to choose another building.
  5. In addition to Google Images for texture/reference photo search, use “ARTstor”‘s image search. You have to be logged into UB’s system (either by email or MyUB) and then, looking on this web page: http://library.buffalo.edu/libraries/e-resources/DatabasesbyTitle.html, scroll down until you see ARTstor and access the site. Then, at the upper right, hit “Go.” You can now search for images. For the searched image thumbnails, DOUBLE CLICK to open the image.
  6. Write up a 1-2 paragraph paper listing the reasons why you’d like to model this particular building, ie, what draws you to want to make it. If you just want to make the building in order to be challenged or to try out some new modeling technique, that is perfectly alright; just say why.
  7. After you have gathered all your resources, compile them all together to be reviewed individually on Monday.

DUE: Bring all materials to class listed above and post your 1-2 paragraph paper on your blog.

If you have any outstanding homeworks that need to be posted, take care of posting screenshots to your blog. The final project will be quite intensive and it will only slow you down more by doing double or triple the amount of work.

Potential building idea (from Josephine Anstey): Larkin Building from Frank Lloyd Wright.

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