Homework 7

UV’ing fun!

  • Take one (1) chair, couch, or recliner and UV unwrap it using the steps and concepts covered in class. Your model should have perfect geometry and not contain any zero-length faces. Double check everything!
  • Arrange the pieces optimally with a checkerboard attached for the best possible texture placement.
  • If the chair or couch you modeled last weekend is far too complicated for you to UV, you may model another chair/couch/recliner in its place. However, do not cheat the system. Do not pick a stupidly simple object to make for the UV’ing process. Challenge yourself, but do not work outside of something that you do not feel comfortable doing.
  • Take screenshots of your unwrapped model with the checker texture visible as well as a screenshot of your UV Texture Editor window and post to your blog.

Due: Monday, September 27th, 2010 before class starts.

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