Homework 8

Sorry for the delay in posting this assignment.


Building Facade: 

  • Using the skills you have learned thus far, use the building you current picked for the last homework or revise the project with a new building and model the front entrance and the ajoining floors above it like what was demonstrated in class.
  • Stairs are optional, but always welcomed to be made in addition to the rest of the building.
  • Use your own photos for all textures (no sampled online pictures)
  • Create Diffuse (color), Normal, and Specular maps for the geometry
  • UV everything, even it if doesn’t seem significant
  • What is actually due to turn in (blog post):
    • Additional (better) or reviesed photos of the structure you made along with the location of it.
    • Multiple screenshots of the building facade with all textures showing.
    • Multiple screenshots of the building facade in wireframe on shaded mode (or with all objects selected) so I can see your polygon distribution.
  • Come to class with your project directory to turn in.

Due: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

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