Homework 8

Lets make some basic tile-able textures!

  • For this project, either use a point and shoot camera, check out a camera from the equipment room, or in this case ONLY use your cell phone camera. Cell phone cameras aren’t the greatest to use – just saying!
  • Take several pictures like shown in class of a flat surface that you wish to tile. It can be indoors or outdoors – doesn’t matter. Get the hang of picking out different lighting situations to achieve a clean flat-lit scene.
  • Using picture(s) from one of the surfaces you captured, try to tile it vertically and horizontally using offset in photoshop. Try to hide the seams as much as possible following the steps we did in class today.
  • Post a picture of your tiled image on your blog as well as the rough pics you took of the other surfaces. There is no limit to the surfaces that you wish to take, but do try to pick several for practice.

Due: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Posted in Spring 2012 – DMS316: 3D Modeling for Games