Homework 9

Lets make some textures! Complete all of the following:

  • Take enough photos to tile seemlessly 5 different flat surfaces.
  • Using photoshop, tile the textures using the examples shown in class. Double check to make sure there are no glitches or other issues with the textures.
  • Using Crazybump, create normal and spec maps for the completed seemless texture.
  • Make a polygon plane and attach a Blinn texture with the appropriate textures for each of your tileable textures. Use a point light to check the lighting of the surface.
  • For additional practice, model anything you want and UV it. It doens’t have to be in your house. If you wish, you may recycle an older model and UV it as well.
  • Once finished, post screenshots of of everything to your blog. Post jpg versions of your textures as well too while keeping your targa high quality versions in reserve.
  • If you were not in class today, find someone in this class who is willing to be bribed into showing you what was taught ;)

Due: Monday, October 4th, 2010.

Posted in Fall 2010 - DMS231: 3D Modeling